Mountain Bike
Two kilometers uphill - downhill looping distance to cycle around, surrounded by unique natural atmospheres, and many rest areas nearby.
Where both an amazing clear-cut night sky and a magnificent stargazing spot at Soidao Mountain have met, by the center of the resort, 360 degree view point where you can lie down to a deckchair while exploring the night sky in romantic moment. Find joyfulness and memorable time amount your family with this 100% kid‘s friendly activity. Adding more intensive on sky learning, we offer a stargazing telescope with good advices by our staff. The telescope shows Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn alignment either manual or automatic system with in-depth adjustment such as, lens, filters, while we just observe how nice it is. Leave a big city life for a second, start to get along with nature.
Orchard : (March - August)
One of extraordinary place at The Natural Garden Resort where is combination between resort and fruits garden. At the same area of accommodation where you can see amount of fruits outside your windows, we offer non-pesticide and fresh seasonal fruits complementary throughout your stay, allow guests to cropping and tasting on-site by your own hands with supports from staffs who guide you how to cutting down durian, mangosteen, lychees, etc. Not only getting these impressive experiences, in addition to, applying best price guaranteed for souvenir exclusively in-house guests at The Natural Garden Resort. Please contact our sales team for further information before booking.
Natural Spring Waterfall : (June – October)
Simply relax with the natural spring waterfall, where is private and calm. Representation of Soidao waterfall by the ambient of lush green plants and infinite rocks refer how worthy treasure it is. Within short walking distance from restaurant where is located parallel to the resort. It’s what you may try on late in the morning, after breakfast hours.
Visiting Wildlife Breeding Center
Two hundred meters next to the resort, you will have a chance to observe wildlife animals such as peacock, deer, and other kinds of rooster and birds without any fee for entering. Wandering around at the same time learning how they live in this tropical life. Furthermore, being aware of disturbing them by kid’s voice is required.
Thai Massage (550 THB/ 120 minutes)
Leisure time for the holidays, stimulating blood circulation, relieve from the daily stress. Please reserve in-advance when you check-in.